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The Breakfast Club @ Sunnydale High

Meet the Brain, the Athlete, the Basketcase, the Princess, & the Criminal...

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I created this community for the posting of a story idea which has been spinning round in my head for a while. Basically the whole premise is to take the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and insert them into the storyline of the 80's film 'The Breakfast Club', making what I hope will be an interesting all human AU. However, once I have finished with the actual film, I shall be continuing on to what happens on Monday when they all return to school, etc.

Potential readers should note that there will be m/m, m/f, & even f/f pairings in later chapters, within this story, and at some point this will drift into NC17 territory, however I will concentrate mostly on a Spike/Xander pairing!!

Feedback is welcomed, and encouraged!!

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