September 28th, 2005

Bite My Sexy Arse

FIC: The Breakfast Club - Chapter 2 - By Lady Flame

”…And these children that you spit on,
As they try to change their worlds,
Are immune to your consultations,
They are quite aware
Of what they are going through…”

Xander’s foray into depression, was caught short by the grand entrance of Principal Snyder, “Well, well, here we all are,” he rubbed his hands smarmily, “I want to congratulate you all for being on time.” Xander’s attention was caught by Snyder’s manner of dress, gone was his usual white shirt and tie, with the sleeves rolled up; this Saturday it would seem, merited a shiny 80’s style charcoal grey nylon suit, with a black shirt and no tie. Maybe the guy had a hot date later, Xander shuddered, ”Who on earth would want to go out with that rat fink.”

Then Xander amused himself by wondering if you dyed Snyder blue, would he look like Gonzo from the Muppets?!

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